Programming the chip was a neat experiance. I had seen chips on sale for as low as $60 on the internet with the same code that was availible, for free, to anybody who could program the chip. I did not have an EPROM programmer at this time so I started looking at options for buying one. There are many availible, and even many free plans on making your own, but I decided to try Ebay after weighing my options. On ebay I found a suitable programmer and bid on it ,only to be swiftly outbid. Because that bid was a bit more then I was looking to spend I decided to find another, which I did, and bid on it. On the last day of both auctions I was watching the second of the 2 looking to make sure nobody tried outbidding me in the last few hours. Then I decided to look at the first just for the heck of it and noticed the bid was still at the same point that it was when I gave up, so I figured I'd go ahead and up the bid by $5 just for kicks. Then Ebays server went down. After many retries finnally the bid went through and showed my bid as going through with 8 seconds left in the auction! Lo and behold I ended up winning them both unexpectedly, but no worries, I got them and picked which I liked better and sold the spare. I also snagged myself 17 EPROMs and an eraser. A week later I had everything I needed for programming, so I sat down one night and poped out 2 successful chips! All in all I highly recomend checking Ebay for a programmer that is constantly listed there called "Eprommer 5".

[Pic of programmer setup in office on counter]