For Sale

Here it is, the long awaited "For Sale" page of! Well maybe it isn't long awaited, but I promise it would have been had I told somebody I had planned on creating it. If you are interested in anything below please e-mail me at

Soon to come will be complete ready to go EFI kits for 10v Turbo Audi's. I have purchased a bone stock 1986 5ktq-CD that I am going to use to make a complete start to finish pictoral instruction booklet, and it will leave NO detail to the immagination. I'm going to start with a running CIS fueled car, and finish with an EFI fueled running car. Along with the booklet comes a kit with everything used in the booklet from the fuel rail to injectors, wire harness, air filter, vacuum lines, even any zip-ties and e-tape needed. The ECU will include a base map pre-installed thats guaranteed to start the car on the first attempt and let you drive down the road. For most installations the base map should be close enough to drive on forever, but on the first few trips down the road you should definately bring a friend and the laptop just to make sure. If you do need to tweak the map do not worry, instructions on what to look for and how to achive best results will be included! This kit should provide for something to the order of 250+ HP (I never dyno'd my car when it was in this state of tune, but once the guinea pig car is finished I'll provide real numbers), and be capable of a 13.6 second 1/4 mile time (Thats what I ran when my car was setup exactly as this kit will be).

Besides the EFI kit I have some components, and some OEM used type 44 parts for sale.

Complete MegaSquirt ECU's, bench tested with an over night run-in to make sure they are bug free. Customised for 5cyl cars (putting 5cyl on one bank overheats the injector driver, so I have modified the design to prevent overheating), and setup for Dual Table code with launch control (PCB mod to enable the launch control). I keep ready to ship assembled units in stock always, so there is zero lead time. Pictures to come soon. $250

Ford Motorsports 42lb/hr high impedance injectors. Used. I bought them re-man for my car, they flow tested at just over 43lb/hr. I used them for about 8 months and 10,000 miles, then took the engine apart for my big rebuild. When it's finished they will be too small. 42lb/hr is rated to 76.2hp per cylinder, or 381hp for a 5cyl engine. $125 for the set of 5. I think I have 1 spare (never used), if I find it it's another $25 if you want it.

Used OEM A/C control units. Condition unknown. I got a box full of them with the last 5ktq I bought. Pictures to come. Make offer for 1 or all. I think I have 5 or 6.

5ktq Rear light bar, perfect condition. Pictures to come. Make offer.

Lots more will be posted as I go through boxes of parts.