Welcome to my site featuring my 1986 Audi 5000 Turbo Quattro. This site is meant to show details on all of the modifications done to the car, with the hope of helping out somebody who wishes to do simialar modifcations.

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So I don't like the white/clear corners that are on the European headlights. Unfortunately the amber US spec corners are constructed entirely different and will not fit. Well, that is to say that they won't fit BEFORE you break out some tools.

Tada, amber corners on E-Code lights:
Amber Corners Gallery

I recently had my main shifter bushing disintegrate. The stock replacement bushing has been out of production for some time now and they are hard to come by. Sooo I made a spherical bearing adaptor and upgraded.

Spherical Bearing Shifter Gallery

I've now got about 9 orders for kits from the quattro list. When ready I'll post them on the for sale page here.

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