Welcome to my site featuring my 1986 Audi 5000 Turbo Quattro. This site is meant to show details on all of the modifications done to the car, with the hope of helping out somebody who wishes to do simialar modifcations.

I suggest you start with the introduction to me and the car, on the "Start" page.

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All news for Cody's Audi 5000tq projects!

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I just put a video on YouTube.


This is at a lowered boost level since I just re-flashed to different firmware on the MegaSquirt and haven't tuned the higher boost portions yet. Also no N2O on this run since the danged bottles empty. I figure it should be ~350hp as run in the video, maybe a bit less.

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Sorry once again for not keeping any readers out there up to date!!

Since the last post I have put about 450 miles on her. Took her down to Charlotte to visit my fathers shop, and that was the only decent break in time she got. Once down there I couldn't resist showing off the fun of boost, so I cranked the rev limit to 8000rpm, and set the boost to 1.5bar. Still haven't used the nitrous, but boy does she pull sooooo much better these days! Before the rebuild she would spin all 4 wheels most of the way through first gear before gaining traction (when I was TRYING to spin them), but now I can power up out of a corner and light up all 4 past 60mph in 2nd gear. The tach needle stops at 7500rpm I discovered, but the 8k rev limit is in place so thats where I shift her now and she does not show sings of being turned too high yet.

After Charlotte and back I took her to VIR. It was a race weekend and I got to go out during lunch with a unrestricted field of street cars. I handily disposed of a handful of 911s including a 996.

The last trip she has been on is back and forth to my new job in Winston-Salem once, just to show off to the guys here. I'm waiting to down a few paychecks, then I'm going to register and insure the car and start driving every day again. Can't wait!

About that new job. I'm working now at "The Motor Works" in Winston-Salem as tech on euro luxury cars (Mercs, Volvos, Bimmers, and yes Audi's). Having a great time so far!

More to come, I promise!

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Trust me, after spending 45 minutes writing a nice detailed post with pictures and having it lost I was pretty pissed, but now I'm ready to try again.

So we are going back now to a few weeks back. Some time arround May 1st I recieved my clutch disc from Kennedy Engineering and upon opening the box found that the centering tool they supplied didn't match the disc, and since the box was labeled correctly for my application I assumed they sent the wrong tool by accident and found that a 944 pilot tool was correct for the disc and brought it home with me along with the KEP disc. Skip to Wednesday May 3rd the 3B flywheel from a '91 200 20V Turbo quattro arrives via UPS and the same day my new 3B pressure plate and throw out bearing arrive from WorldPac. I had the rest of the week off, so I dedicated my 4 day weekend to installing the engine in the car.

Thursday's challenge? Get the now completed rather heavy engine assembly out of my computer room in the house and down the 4 steps of the porch. This was NOT easy. When I put it in the house it was a short block in an engine stand, now its a complete engine with turbo and all. First problem.... it's wider the the doorway into the hall. A little bit of fenagling got it through the doorway with not too much loss of paint on the trim ;-). Second problem, the one step out of the front door onto the porch. It wasn't too bad, I just wheeled it down until the from wheels of the stand fell down the step, then slid the stand on its frame until they touched down again. Third problem, the four steps from the porch to ground level. This was the big challenge. I couldn't go down the 4 steps the same way as the stand was too instable and the engine too heavy to stabilize. It ended up taking the engine hoist and lots of elbow grease to move the hoist in the DIRT near the porch. Once the stand was on the ground once again it rolled just fine through the grass thanks to larger wheels vs. the hoist. Now for the first round of pictures:

The disc. Weighed in just under 2lbs. Cost was $95 with shipping.

Th pressure plate. Oddly enough the new disc was 2lbs heavier then the used one that came with the flywheel, and both were OEM Sachs units. Cost $122.

The flywheel. Thats 9lbs shy of the old stock MC1 unit. Cost $50.50 plus $15 shipping, and it came with a used disc and used pressure plate that I'll keep for emergency spares.

Out on the porch.

Then back in the yard. This is the closest this engine and car have been in over a year!

Ok, so that plus some housework took up Thursday. Now for Friday. I slept in late, then got up and took care of some more housework, then installed the flywheel and brought the tranny out to get ready to mate to the engine. I picked up the disc to install it and wait a second... the disc doesn't look like it's got the right spline now that I see the trans input shaft. A quick check reveals it is way to large of a spline to mate with the trans. The time is 4pm EST. I call KEP and after a bit we decide the disc was boxed wrong and talk about getting a new one out to me. I mull over spending $59 for overnight shipping with Saturday delivery, or being patient and spending $25 for Monday delivery. I go with the Saturday option, and the sales lady promises she will try to work on the cost of shipping. After a half an hour from hanging up I realise I forgot to mention that it needs to be shipped to my house instead of the shop which is 97 miles away! I called back and luckily it wasn't too late, and I get the great news that Mr. Kennedy himself picked up the ENTIRE shipping cost, which I was very very pleased with. After that I was pretty bummed, so I wrote off the day and covered everything with a tarp.

Now Saturday. I spent the morning hitting up some yard sales with Leah and Wes, then had lunch with my sister and family, since I knew disc wouldn't arrive until after lunchtime. I ended up having alot of fun and making dinner and movie arrangements, leaving only a couple precious hours to work on the car. When I got home I found the correct disc at my doorstept, went straight to the engine and installed it. Much to my dismay I of course now had the wrong centering tool, and the correct one was at the shop, DOH! I lined it up by eye and tighted the pressure plate, then slid the trans on. First off, the quattro trans is HEAVY, and I was putting it to the engine with my bare hands and alone. It was a tough procedure, but went actually without a hitch. I did have to make two attempts, as the splines weren't lined up at first and I had to spin the input shaft. And that was all she wrote for Saturday.

Flywheel installed.

Clutch installed.

And voila, transmission bolted on.

Ok, so now Sunday is absolutely critical. If I don't get the engine at least sitting in the car today then I have to wait a week since I don't get home from work during daylight hours. First discovery of the day casts a shadow over the whole idea of finishing before sunset. I do not have ANY mounting hardware for the engine nor trans mounts, they were lost during the move from Florida. Then I realise that I can only find one of the two mounting arms for the transmission, and no hardware. The final call is made that I must pull the engine from the Silver parts car to get the stuff I need to for black car. Now we are talking about removing 1 engine and installing abother all in the same day, and by myself with no air tools. I always love a challenge! The engine removal went smooth and only took until about 2pm. The best part was wen it came time to litterally remove the engine from the chassis. I could not put the hoist on my 4x8 flywood work platform because my other engine was already sitting on the wood on jackstands, so I decided since the hoist won't roll the engine away from the car then the car must roll away from the stand! Try as I might, it would not roll either. Drastic measure are required. I pulled the red car up behind the silver one, attached a tow rope, and TOWED the car away from the engine. This was by far one of the most humorous things I've done in a while. Pull a foot, get out and check to make sure nothing is snagging, repeat. Alot. Finally it was out, and the needed bolts and arms were had.

Front clip removed, now for the dirty work!

How many times in ones life does he see two Audi 5000's both with thier engines out, and those engines having a nearly 400hp split between them?

Now to plug the engine in the black car. This went much smoother then I thought it would, and only took an hour or so. Not much to even report about it, it pretty much just went in. I raced to put on only as much stuff as needed to just get the engine to fire up for a second or so, then went to hit the key just to hear the ominous "CLICK" of a bad starter. You could have sucker punched me in the gut and done less damage then what that did. Feeling totally defeated I spent the rest of the day on the couch watching TV.

I'm past due for a haircut.

I work in the shirts of my competitors so I don't get my shop clothes dirty ;-). Wesley enjoyed watching my labors.

Fast forward a week. The following Saturday I swapped the starter and tried to start the engine. It cranked over a few revolutions then locked up solid. Uh-oh, what did I do?!?!? After smelling fuel I decided to pull a plug and check whats going on down that hole. It was *FULL* of fuel, as were the other four once I pulled thier plugs! Very odd. I turned it over my hand to push the fuel out, then put the plugs back, checked the wiring to the MegaSquirt and tried again, with the same exact results. Very odd. The MS apeared to be operating correctly, and worked fine on the test bench, so I decided that since I didn't have a fuel pressure gauge my guess on where to set the new adjustable regulator was waay off and the pressure was so high it was forcing the injectors open. I had intended on running the engine and "tuning" the pressure based on the resulting air/fuel ratio since I knew where the a/f was with the old non-adjustable reg, but I now knew I needed a gauge. I had one at the shop, but had to wait until Monday to go get it. Just to not waste time I pulled the FP relay and used to carb cleaner to fire then engine up so I could verify that it was mechanically sound before continuing installing the rest of the stuff arround it. I ran it 3 times for about 15 seconds a pop, and found a major major oil leak at the front of the engine. After investigation it apeared to be the front main seal. Very odd, it should be brand new right? Well once I pulled the pulley off I got a good laugh at myself. I had forgotten to install the seal!! A quick look found the forgotten seal in my tool box, and ten minutes later I ran the engine again to verify that it now sealed properly, which it did indeed. Felling assured of the engines mechanical sound-ness I put the accessories on and installed the front clip over the rest of the weekend.

Using the red car to charge the dying battery of the black car.

The following Monday I returned home from work with the fuel pressure gauge, and dialed the pressure in to 35psim but found that I had some leaky fuel lines. I had to replace both lines that attatch to the rail, they had dry rotted and were leaking throughout thier length. No big deal, I have plenty of SS braided hose on hand, and actually decided to go with Startlite Kevlar/Nomex braided on the input side because I had a piece alrady cut to the perfect length. After that was finished with I went to start the engine, and find that it still is flooding itself and locking up. Now something is odd I was sure of it. I eventually found the MegaSquirt to be involuntarily holding the injectors wide open due to a bad driver chip. Then I remembered why. Arround this time last year I was building a 450hp Chevvy LT1 V8 powered 951 race car using a MS EFI system to run it. Sometime during the install I shorted some wires on accident and toasted the MS I had built for the car, then during diagnosis swapped my MS in to check to see if it was a fluke and my MS was also injured because of the short. When I found the real problem on the v8 car I replaced the part with one borrowed from my last un-built MS kit, to repair the v8 cars MS, but never repaired my MS. So I went online and ordered two driver chips from Digikey.com, one for my MS and one to replace the one I borrowed from that un-built unit. The chip arrived on Friday of that week, and after 5 minutes of soldering I went out to my car and pretended a drum roll was going as I turned the key and......VROOM it fired right up! I only ran it for a short time, as I still hadn't finished putting all of the coolant system together. Over this past weekend I got the cooling system sorted, the engine and trans bolts tightended finally, and all of the axles installed to finish everything on the engine except for the belts which I still don't have.

Unfortunately I haven't been paid at work for a month now due to bad business practices on my fathers part, and my bank account is running on E. I can't justify spending any money buying just the 3 belts needed to drive my car when my son is nearly out of diapers. I have since applied for a few jobs nearer to home.

I'll let you guy's know when I get the car on the road!

73 pictures of the flywheel conversion and engine install

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I just spent 45 minutes writing a story of the engine install, then the blog lost it on me. I'll re-write it after I calm down!!!

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Heres the leather seats I talked about:

Unfortunately enough when sorting through my "absolutely need"'s and my "wants" and then the "random junk" when I packed up my warehouse in FL I determined that the black leather headrests to match these seats didn't need to come with me. I threw out alot of stuff, and since then I've realised that I threw out lot of stuff I shouldn't have. Now I'll have to buy some headrests, and deal with beige ones in the meantime.

16 more pictures of installing the rear seats.

This Thursday and Friday the shop is closed, and hopefully my flywheel will be arriving, so I should be spending 4 straight days on the car getting the other 2 seats in; plus the engine of course ;-).

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