Welcome to my site featuring my 1986 Audi 5000 Turbo Quattro. This site is meant to show details on all of the modifications done to the car, with the hope of helping out somebody who wishes to do simialar modifcations.

I suggest you start with the introduction to me and the car, on the "Start" page.

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So I don't like the white/clear corners that are on the European headlights. Unfortunately the amber US spec corners are constructed entirely different and will not fit. Well, that is to say that they won't fit BEFORE you break out some tools.

Tada, amber corners on E-Code lights:
Amber Corners Gallery

I recently had my main shifter bushing disintegrate. The stock replacement bushing has been out of production for some time now and they are hard to come by. Sooo I made a spherical bearing adaptor and upgraded.

Spherical Bearing Shifter Gallery

I've now got about 9 orders for kits from the quattro list. When ready I'll post them on the for sale page here.

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Well I seem to never get around to posting here, but I am still alive and I am still playing with my 5000's. Over the years much has happened. I've still been having bad luck with engines, been through a total of 5 major mechanical engine problems in the last 5 years. The famous black car is currently running, now with coil-on-plug ignition and a new intercooler.

Here's the photo gallery for the $75 intercooler build:
Intercooler gallery

Here's th COP setup:
COP Photo

I will try to keep posting here, especially now that it's nice an easy from my iPhone.

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So two posts ago I wrote that I blew the engine 2 times in 3 days. Well is took a while to get to writing this, but the very day that I put the new rod bearings in I blew it up again, this time pretty bad.

Blew another head gasket, but also melted a piston and melted a bit out of the block.

Now for my big dilema. I've got two spare blocks, but both need to be bored out. One has worn cylidners, and the other has some rust pitting. I can't afford to bore one and buy pistons right now, so I'm thinking I'm just going to let the car sit until tax return time then go at it. We shal see.

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Ok, so I was up 'till 4am last night and it's back road worthy again. With the sub-frame already off the engine work was a snap, maybe 2 hours from draining the oil to re-filling it. Then it took about 5 to put the sub-frame back in!! I'm heading to Charlotte for the day to score some cash, so hopefully all will be well by the end of the day.

Pictures are still uploading, I'll post them when they finish.

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Ok so in recent news I managed to blow up my engine twice within 3 days. I was having some detonation due to a lean spot that I got lazy about fixing and paid the price by lunching a head gasket. I didn't know it at the time, but it also killed a rod bearing. So I replace the head gasket and do a valve job while I'm there, then 3 days later notice the rod knock. Currently the car is out back on jack stands with the sub frame off. While the subframe is off I replaced all 4 bushings, so now the suspension will be completely new in every possible way.

Newly posted videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbUQk_WtB9U - Viper race, 3 years old
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dhH2ircIPo - Compilation with music
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e27WT5-BnKg - Filmed about 3 weeks ago, just some 3rd and 4th gear pulls at night.

I'm getting VERY close to having my MegaSquirt based plug 'n play EFI kit ready to ship. Pricing is not final, but within a few bucks of $750 is what I'm saying right now. E-mail me if interested @ sales@5000tq.com.

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