Friday, 3/5/04 - I figured I could use a good fun night out so I took myself on a trip up to the local drag strip @ Moroso Motorsports Park in West Palm Beach. Got 3 runs in and definately had a ton of fun. Ambient temp was about 80-85 degrees F between 9pm and 10:30 when I did my runs. All runs were launched with diff locks on, and this was my first time there so my reaction times were quite a bit off of what I'd like.

Run 1, 9:32pm:
Left Lane:Right Lane:
Some Pickup truck5kTQ
Reaction Time0.9501.159
1/8th mile10.601 @ 68.19mph8.650 @ 79.63mph
1/4 mile16.540 @ 81.13mph13.627 @ 98.37mph

It was a good run, and the crowd was the best. I was running an open downpipe so the car was quite loud and the turbo was pretty evident. When I pulled up to line I'm told by friends that the crowd was basically laughing, then I launched with all 4 tires in smoke and got a standing ovation. During the run I noticed the engine breaking up from about 5000-6500rpm. I later figured out that with the less exaust restriction I was running 3 tenths of a bar more then usual and the map was going rich enough to flood it (my map spikes rich towards all of the edges so that instead of blowing a motor I just flood it as a safety). I did not have my laptop (doh!! big mistake) so I couldn't tune it, but it will be fixed before the next time I go.

Run 2, 10:06pm:
Left Lane:Right Lane:
2003 Audi S45kTQ
Reaction Time0.7101.307
1/8th mile9.706 @ 78.54mph7.687 @ 79.55mph
1/4 mile14.517 @ 100.98mph13.712 @ 97.04mph

When I lined up for this one I was thinking that it would be great fun, two black Audis get to go together. I had seen this one in the parking lot and it was _very_ nice. It had a beautiful front mount IC, and lots of carbon fiber spread arround. I do have some pictures, but they aren't developed yet. It was the only other Audi in the place, and actually I think it was the only other VAG car. I pulled out quite a bit right on the launch (as seen in the 60ft times) because he wasn't using the quattro advantage and only trickling the car off the line and waiting for the boost to come up. Once I got going I was still having a misfire above 5000rpm, which is why you can see where he started to gain right towards the end (he had almost 4mph on me at the trap). He was pretty angry after the run and wouldn't talk to me. His loss.

Run 3, 10:33pm:
Left Lane:Right Lane:
'98 Ford Mustang5kTQ
Reaction Time0.6811.019
1/8th mile9.863 @ 77.35mph8.676 @ 80.19mph
1/4 mile14.952 @ 95.95mph13.674 @ 98.44mph

Same top end misfire, nothing really exciting happened here. Once I fix that missifre I should be able to drop another tenth off and get to a 13.5 @ over 100mph and be pretty happy. I'm also going to get some new tires so I can get some traction in first gear, now I'm spinning all 4 through almost all of first gear. Also my suspension is roughly 200,000 miles old and the weight transfers a bit more then I like. Some new shocks should help that, and in all honesty I could use control arm bushings in the rear. All this on the stock header and stock intercooler, both of which are major bottlenecks in my power curve. Next time I'm going to take some dry ice for my intercooler and lower my tire pressures by a few pounds (32psi in the tires for last night, it should have been 25psi or so but I didn't have a gauge so I didn't want to go by feel) which should give a touch more speed.
One of my friends took pictures, but I completely forgot to get them from him. I'll post em when I get em.